Benefits of Resistance Bands

I know there are some of you out there that question what kind of benefits you can get by training with resistance bands.Some naysayers might doubt the power of the oversize rubber bands.  We’re here to tell

Some naysayers might doubt the power of the oversize rubber bands.  We’re here to tell you the real deal about the benefits of training with resistance bands.

Truth is, everyone from newbies to seasoned athletes can benefit tremendously by adding resistance bands to their workout programs.

Resistance bands add variety and challenge to any strength-training program, and better still, they’re immensely convenient.

They’re also extremely affordable.


One of the keys to consistently seeing gains from your training program all while avoiding plateaus is to continually vary your workout.  Alternating exercises and modes will help you become stronger and more flexible.  So it makes perfect sense to switch between machine exercises, dumbells/barbells, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, stability balls and resistance bands if you’re trying to reach your optimum.

One of the examples how to overcome plateau:

Resistance bands help keep your smart and adaptable body on its toes.  The possibilities of resistance bands are virtually endless.  You’re able to move freely, all while achieving a greater range of motion than traditional exercise machines.

You can create resistance from all directions, including overhead, the side and below.  As well, you’re able to adjust your angle of movement simply by moving the fixed point higher or lower either in minute degrees or larger shifts.

Finally, resistance bands allow you to mimic motions that you do in real life, perfect if you want to perfect your tennis or golf swing.  Exercise machines certainly can’t do that.  Resistance bands are the way to go for the ultimate in flexibility, convenience, and affordability.

Mimic Perfect Push Ups with Resistance Bands



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